Tao Shih John Lash is a certified instructor of the Yang Style Tai Chi system of Shaolin Master Yin Bai Hsia and has been studying with Master Chang-Wei Lin of Taipei, Taiwan since 1969. He is a White Crane Taoist of the Tao Chia.
John was born in 1948 in Arizona in the USA. He studied religious philosophy at Texas A&M University and the University of New Mexico. He finished his university studies with a Master's Degree and two years of post-Master's work.
John has studied and practiced Tai Chi and Taoism since 1969. During his personal spiritual journey, he has lived with Sikhs, Hindus, and Jewish people. On his travels, he has visited the holy places of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, the Ba'hai's, and Native Americans. He is Tao Shih of the White Crane Taoists and has operated the Harmonious Dragon Tai Chi School and Tao Center since 1982. John is the author of The Tai Chi Journey, The Spirit of Tai Chi, The Yin of Tai Chi and The Way of the White Crane series which includes Vol.1 Tai Chi: the Moonlit Path to Mother Tao, Vol.2 Wu Chi: the Womb of Mother Tao, and Vol.3 White Crane Taoist Meditation. Two more volumes are in the process of being edited for publication. He also owns a cattle ranch in Bremond, Texas.
John lives on a farm near Bern with his wife and four children.